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Take centre stage in a demanding industry by providing superior custom fabrication capabilities across special events, and custom one of a kind set design.

Ready, Set, Action!

Whether you are replicating the real world or creating a new one, FROG3D® is the best backdrop you can have. From oversized props to elaborate stage designs to extravagant custom décor for one-of-a-kind special events, FROG3D®’s automated 3D CNC production technology allows for fast turnarounds, easy alterations, and perfect results. Eliminating the need for time-consuming manual processes and the dangers of costly human error, FROG3D® ensures perfect scale, proportion, and detail every time.

• Create larger, more accurate, and more amazing projects than ever before

• Digitally design or 3D scan any object and perfectly recreate it with foam in absolutely any size

• Better control production schedules, reduce production time, and improve efficiencies

• Replace hard to find skill sets with an effective automated solution

• Take on complex, high-margin contracts with total success


Capture the Spotlight

FROG3D® helps your company take centre stage in a demanding industry by providing superior custom fabrication capabilities. Focus the confidence that comes from these abilities on creative processes rather than tedious fabrication details. Wow clients and build your reputation with the abilities that come from FROG3D®’s cutting-edge 3D scanner, unsurpassed 4-axis CNC router, and industry’s best hotwire foam cutter. With FROG3D® you can capture the imagination of the audience while your company captures the market.