FROG3D_Rapid Protoyping_3D scanning_4 ax


Take control of your prototyping challenges with the FROG3D®  fabrication system to produce high-quality, replicable prototypes fast.

Custom fabrication at its best

In the highly competitive and highly demanding field of rapid prototyping, fabrication technology needs to be fast, flexible, and precise. Moreover, it needs to be able to actualize even the most creative and complex designs without high costs or long timelines. The FROG3D® system is proving to be particularly effective in meeting these needs and in providing a complete CNC fabrication solution for companies specializing in reverse engineering and rapid prototyping. Engineered to excel at custom and creative fabrication challenges, FROG3D® provides total support for your business and your goals.

• Quickly produce high quality, replicable, prototypes without a large investment of resources

• Generate 3D digital models through 3D scanning, digital design, or converting 2D files with the touch of a button

• Easily reverse engineer any part or object to produce an exact replica

• Approach projects with tight tolerances and exacting specifications with total confidence


Creativity without compromise

FROG3D® brings advanced CNC fabrication capabilities and total creative control to your prototyping challenges. Proven successful in a wide range of industries including aerospace, healthcare, automotive, packaging, makerspaces and beyond, it produces prototypes on any scale, of any degree of complexity, very quickly and very easily. The rapid prototyping and prototype design process is complicated enough without needing to rely on outdated manual fabrication techniques or restrictive and costly equipment. From exacting 3D scanning technology to powerful 3D 4-axis CNC routers to precision-driven hotwire foam cutters, FROG3D® provides dramatic improvements to the speed, quality, and expense of prototyping, making the companies that use it more effective, more competitive, and more successful.