Our complete and automated mold making platform allows you to create a variety of molds to scan or design from scratch for use in Precast Concrete, Architecture, and much more.

Show Outdated Mold Making the Door

With the increasing complexity of modern concrete mold work the demand for skilled producers is higher than ever before. FROG3D® is the industry’s only turnkey system that provides a complete, automated mold-making platform from a single source. From high-resolution 3D scanning for reverse engineering and rapid prototyping, to powerful 3D modeling software for mold design and manipulation, to unsurpassed 3D CNC milling for exact mold fabrication, FROG3D® translates the power of automated mold making into the realities of your business.

• Accelerate the production of simple forms

• Dramatically improve efficiency and accuracy in the fabrication of curved and complex forms

• Replace hard to find and expensive skill sets with an automated system making it simple to scale up business

• Capture digital scan data quickly and easily for in-shop and onsite work

• Increase revenues by keeping projects in-house and on budget


Molds Made Easy

By combining 3D scanning, hot wire foam cutting, 4-axis CNC routing and various supporting processes with the versatility of foam, FROG3D® offers an automated means of producing the kind of concrete molds that used to require a skilled sculptor. Whether you work in precast concrete, concrete pipe, cast stone, concrete form liners, or fiberglass or GFRC, FROG3D® lets you create molds of virtually anything you can scan or design. You’ll be able to inject more creativity into your existing product line, expand into new areas and make quick work of custom and one-of designs. Offering the ultimate in concrete mold-making creativity, Streamline and FROG3D® can give your business a turbo-charged engine for growth.