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Updated: Aug 22

Upgrading to the newest CNC equipment helps you improve your efficiency in delivering

products to clients. As well, having automated machines saves human hours and gives you

the break you need to attend to urgent matters or set up multiple projects at the same time.

All in all, automation systems are the perfect upgrade and addition to any production shop.

However, we know that when switching from old to new, there’s a learning curve that’s

associated with new technology. As advanced as they get, they still need the occasional

human input to start humming. This is often where companies start to struggle and see a

drop in efficiency. At FROG3D®, there is a heavy emphasis on training and enabling all of our clients to out-perform their competition.

The training is conducted by our skilled technicians who’ve experienced learning curves

firsthand. When our clients receive system-specific training, they can trust that our

technicians will go above and beyond training on just the operations of the machines,

because they are both knowledgeable and confident in their applications as well. Our base in

Calgary, Canada produces conceptual parts and we hone our skills via constant practice at

this location. We ensure we satisfy everyone no matter the industry or machining purpose.

Believe it or not, we’ve successfully equipped FROG3D® equipment across the world. There are hundreds of our routing machines, milling machines, hot wire foam cutters, and other

FROG3D® systems driving innovative change in the CNC system community. Not only do our machines serve the production industry, different creative and artistic shops employ our

systems to take advantage of the smooth transition into mass production with automated

commands. From standard practices to unique tooling techniques, FROG3D® will be able to

help you tweak and adjust machines until they’re the perfect match for your setup and


If you’re a new startup looking to plant a foot into the machining world and bring forth

beautiful creations, FROG3D® is ready to serve aspiring business owners and provide you with valuable tips and tricks that will benefit your team. Not only can we deliver our products to you and train you onsite, but we also offer remote online training so any new staff won’t have to miss out on any of the initial setups. Plus, it’s great if you ever need a refresher on your current knowledge! Let FROG3D know what you’re looking for and we’ll be sure to provide you with plenty of resources!

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