FROG3D® brings advanced 3D fabrication capabilities to your production challenges. Creative, adaptive, exceptional, our turnkey 3D CNC fabrication system gives you the tools to work bigger, better, and faster. With cutting-edge technology, commercial-grade construction and industry leading training and support, FROG3D® bridges the gap between your creative process and production needs.

From initial design to finished project, we provide intelligent and intuitive solutions for each step of the fabrication process. Our integrated range of 3D scanning, digital modeling, hot wire foam cutting, 3D CNC milling, and coating & coating application products has been specifically engineered for the precise fabrication needs of serious producers.



4-axis cnc foam carving router


All-in-one foam carving solution

Portable 3D scanning, CNC hot wire cutting, CNC foam milling and advanced design capabilities built into one system.

4-axis CNC foam carving router

Industry’s most powerful 4-axis CNC foam carving router, giving you capabilities impossible with traditional processes or lesser machines.

Compact 4-axis CNC router



Compact 4-axis CNC router

Delivering a wide range of functionality at a compelling price-point.

5-axis CNC hot wire foam cutter

Advanced CNC hot wire foam cutting machine, allowing you to cut stunning final products or to prepare foam for more detailed milling.

Portable 3d scanner for creating accurate 3d digital scans



Portable 3D scanning system

Translate any object into an accurate 3D digital scan that can be perfectly replicated or enlarged. 

Large volume 3D printers

Bring high speed, high detail 3D printing to your projects. Boasting industrial grade engineering, broad material compatibility, and exceptional print quality.

Plural component coating system

Electric spray system for applying polyurea and other coatings. Perfect solution for durable, smooth, or textured finishes.

Coatings and related materials

Complete line of coatings and related materials for sculptural, architectural and mold making applications that use foam as their foundation.

Durable CNC router bits

Made specifically for milling EPS and polyurethane foam, including regular and tapered cutters in ball end and end mill styles.

Custom manufacturing system

Harnesses the strength, power, and knowledge of FROG3D® and leverage it to design a custom fabrication solution specific to your business needs.