Go beyond basic architectural features with our end-to-end architectural systems that allow no creative limitations on architectural foam moldings and features.

FROG3D® Makes the Most Out of Architectural Foam


When it comes to creating architectural moldings and other architectural features, foam has become the material of choice. Lightweight, easy to install and durable, coated foam provides benefits that traditional materials do not. Stand-alone hot wire foam cutting is an accepted starting point for those looking to create architectural foam moldings and a range of other features – but there are creative limitations to the kinds of products that can be created. To go beyond basic architectural features and really get creative with your architectural foam projects, Streamline Automation’s FROG3D® foam carving system gives you the next step.

• Reduce labor and materials costs by automating the most tedious, error-prone steps in the production process

• Take on larger and more lucrative projects than what are feasible using traditional fabrication methods

• Tackle even the most complex architectural form with total confidence

• Scan items, or whole buildings, to quickly reverse engineer components,

• Digitally build in missing fragments of molding or detailing to automatically mill intricate work


FROG3D® Delivers

Bringing together modern technology and traditional craftsmanship, FROG3D® is an end-to-end foam cutting and carving solution that brings creativity, detail and productivity to the creation of architectural foam moldings and features. Take your projects from concept to creation with an automated solution that offers significant production efficiencies compared to conventional materials. Build exceptional product lines with FROG3D®’s state–of–the–art 4-axis CNC router, hotwire foam cutter, and 3D scanning technologies, including creative architectural features, concrete reliefs, fireplace mantels, sculptures, historical reproductions and more.