FROG3D®’s automated turnkey CNC fabrication system has proven to be highly effective across a diverse range of applications. An integrated production solution, its lineup of custom-engineered 3D scanners, 4-axis CNC routers, hotwire foam cutters, and supporting technologies provide cutting-edge 3D fabrication capabilities for leading businesses around the world. As unique as your company, your challenges, and your needs, FROG3D® gives you the tools to maximize production efficiencies, expand production capabilities, and take your business to the next dimension.




Scenic Design

Build immersive environments, for entertainment attractions, displays & exhibits, sets for film ..

Precast & Molds

Complete, automated mold-making platform that lets you create molds of anything you can scan or design ..

Construction & Architectural

Tackle the most complex architectural forms with total confidence by employing advanced 3D ..

Sculpture Fabrication

When it comes to recreating or enlarging a sculptural work of art, complete accuracy ..

3D Signs And Billboards

For large-format printing and media companies, the ability to offer 3-dimensional signage ..

Rapid Prototyping

In the highly competitive and highly demanding field of rapid prototyping, fabrication technology ..

Set Design & Special Events

Whether you are replicating the real world or creating a new one, FROG3D® is the ..